is the capital of Bavaria , located in the foothills of the Alps and is the third largest city in Germany. Munich flows the river Isar, where you can find smal ilands Museumsinsel with Deutschen Museum and also you can find near by  Praterinsel , here goes Munich´s inhabitants and tourists to relax and spend free time here . Munich is full of smaller and larger lakes like Ammersee , Wörthsee or Stranbergs lake . Among them are the Kleinhesselohersee in the English garden or lake in the Olympiapark .

Full center and the oldest part of the city is Petersbergl Church , where was in the 8th century monks from Tegernsee . Munich escaped the plague or the Thirty Years War .

In the late 18th century there was a large flourishing city, which at that time had 170 thousand inhabitants , in 1933 there were already 840,000 . In the 19th century Munich became known European center of art and science. It was built Ludwigstrasse with the Arc de Triomphe , the cultural center of the square Königplatz to buildings in the style of Greek antiquity.

In 1972, the town held Seventeenth Summer Olympic Games, where  eleven of Israeli athletes by Palestinian fanatics was killed. Today Munich is city full of life , where tourists managed either only on local sights , or night life and entertainment.

When you get there, visit City Hall , Olympic Park in Munich , which is located about 4 km north of the city , is architecturally unique . Near the stadium stands 291 m high Olympic Tower with TV antenna and observation gallery , which dominates the city.