is a city with centuries of glorious history. Although the Second World War severely damaged, a large part of the historic center and architectural monuments were restored. Nuremberg is famous for gastronomic specialties - grilled sausages and delicious traditional gingerbread.

Nuremberg also lay on the trade route and was one of the largest German centers of crafts and trade. Famous are special precision mechanics and watch making - the Nuremberg golden eggs that rich townsfolk wore around his neck. He came a great painter and engraver Albrecht Dürer.

By second World War , the ancient center of the city survived virtually unchanged. Unfortunately, only about ten percent of the buildings survived the war. However, the city was reconstructed and now it is blended styles from all periods, from the Middle Ages and early modern to modern times . The historic core is surrounded by a fortress with several gates . The most important sights include the Gothic Cathedral of St. . Lawrence, Hauptmarkt square with Church of Our Lady , Renaissance town hall and fountain called Beautiful fountain , medieval Nassau House, a historic building granaries ( Mauthalle ) , a Gothic church . Marty with beautiful windows , the building of the hospital by the river and of course the mighty imperial castle . History and culture ( not only) Nuremberg capture the many local museums . It is mainly Germanic National Museum, which is regarded as the greatest German cultural-historical Museum, the Castle Museum , Palace of Art, City Museum , Kunsthalle , Albrecht Dürer House and Toy Museum and the Railroad Museum. Opposite the main railway station is located the historic district of craftsmen , which is today a center of arts and crafts and souvenirs production .

Nuremberg is also famous for the large Christmas market with a tradition going back over 400 years. Among the many beautiful Advent markets is the Nuremberg far the most popular and most popular.