the Austrian capital, is a city of classical architectural beauty and one of the country's main tourist destinations. It has attracted visitors for years who have come to witness the splendour of the cultural heritage, appreciate classical and opera music and another unique attractions.

The city was the centre and the showpiece of the Habsburg dynasty. Monuments and architectural masterpieces line the streets of the city centre, where you'll also find the world-class museums, restaurants and shops

The city's magnificent Schoenbrunn Palace is one of the main attractions and has been awarded the designation of a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Belvedere Palace is also high on the lists of noteworthy sights and is celebrated for both the architecture of its dual rococo palaces.

Vienna has developed over time into one of the world's top tourist destinations, and in the process has developed an excellent tourism infrastructure

Throughout the city you'll find numerous restaurants that serve both delicious local specialties and international cuisine .