Switzerland's largest city is located 90 km from Vaduz in the lake of the same name , where you can buy a cruise . The river Limmat divides the old city into two parts , the smaller city whose highest point is the Lindenhof and you will see on the eastern part - the larger cities.

Churches are mostly Protestant . The oldest church of the city is the church of St. Peter – has one of the largest clock face in Europe with a diameter of 8.7 meters.

Do not miss the Gothic basilica with its Romanesque chancel Fraumünster with glass paintings by Marc Chagall and Alberto Giacometti  and Grossmünster a cathedral with a statue of the founder of Charlemagne on the south side of the tower . Interior of a Romanesque cloister , domes are up from 1787. The tower is open and gives you a great view of the entire Curych and surrounding areas. The Old Town Square Münsterhof is beautiful guild houses  Zur Waag and Meise .

Curych has a number of museums in Switzerland provincial museums are collections of the history and culture of the country , but also the famous glass paintings , collections of weapons and medieval religious art.

If you would like to do some shopping, go to the Bahnhofstrasse , street of more than a kilometer long  created on the French boulevards , elegant dotted with many fine shops . This place is one of the most expensive shopping area in Europe.

For the relaxation you can choose a walk by the beautiful lakeside promenade, or one of the many parks or botanical or Chinese garden.